Special Delivery from Snail Mail

Snaill Mail VQ

November 15, 2017

AO: Stingray
# of PAX: 13

PAX: Spin Doctor,EOM,Ball Bearing,Sparky,BTB,
Sir Mix-a-Lot,Blue Steel,Shakedown,Pony Express,
Etch-A-Sketch,All about that Bass,8 Penny
QIC: Snail Mail
Warm Up: SSH x 30
                 Imperial Walkers x 25
                 Cotton Pickers x 20
Mosey to Picnic Shelter
 Cicuit Run around Pond x 3
Start with Step ups on Picnic Tables x 30
Run to Rock Quarry Do Shoulder Taps x 30
Run to Pull up bars for Knees to Chest x 30
Run to back corner of pond for Lunges x 30
Rinse and Repeat
Mosey over to Bleachers for some DORA123
Partner Up
100 Merkins
200 Squats
300 LBC’s
Finished up with 7 minutes left so we went on
an Indian Run Around the Soccer fields and made it
back to the Flag with no time to spare.
Welcome back Spin Doctor it was good to see you
out there again!!
Prayers for Ball Bearings Mother in Law.
Thanks Sparky for leading us in prayer.
Thanks to all who came out this morning it was
an honor to lead.


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