QIC: Chowda & 8penny

PAX: BTB, FoxTrot, TinyTank, ChickenNoodle, Wreck-it-Ralph, BustedGrill, Seahorse, Okra, WoWo, Dory, Cracker, YellowHat, Sir-Mix, DoubleCheck, Fix-it-Felix (FNG), Swizzle (FNG), MissFire (FNG)


 It’s a Ruck…load-up and go!


Secure (3) 6’ pilings and move them as a team along route, alternating carriers as necessary.  The route consisted of the outer loop of the park with (3) work-out locations.  Each location included a series of ruck exercises x20 single count with the cadence called by different PAX.

Location 1 (somewhere in the woods):
–   Merkins (Q)
–   Sumo Upright-Rows (SirMix)
–   American Hammers (Okra)

Location 2 (goose poop island):
–   Merkins (Q)
–   Sumo Upright-Rows (FoxTrot)
–   American Hammers (Cracker)
–   Dips (Q?)
–   Sundial Merkins x10 per position (Q)

Location 3 (behind baseball fields)
–   Merkins (Q)
–   Sumo Upright-Rows (Dory)
–   American Hammers (BTB)
–   Tri-Extensions (DoubleCheck)

Pick-up the pace along the last leg of the route to beat the clock back to the


–   Thanks to BG and BTB for their help in navigating the park by pretending to know where we were
–   T-claps to our fearless point person, YellowHat for marching ahead of the group and warding off potential coyote attacks
–   Strong work Okra being the first to step-up and provide carrying relief on the piling, you made it look easy!
–   Shouts to our pillar of motivation, FoxTrot, great work circulating the team throughout our moves motivating, encouraging and stepping in on the carries.
–   Nice improvise by DoubleCheck on the Tri-Extensions when we realized the PAX out-sized the piling props for dips
–   Great teamwork by all working together to move the coupons!
–   Welcome (3) FiA FNGs Fix-it-Felix, Swizzle & MissFire
–   Techie award to TinyTank for being fastest with the IPhone photo timer
–   Prayer requests for BG’s family as they process their recent loss and for Chowda’s Grandfather who just had a pacemaker put in.
–   As BTB mentioned, it was great to see SpinDoctor post this morning, we’re all grateful for his positive prognosis and speedy recovery!

It was an honor and pleasure to lead.

-Chowda & 8penny out!



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