SE Run Day


DATE 14 Nov 2017

PAX 8penny, Hooch, Foxtrot (FT!), Sloppy Joe, Sir Mix, Johnny Gage


RUN DAY RUN DAY … everybody loves RUN DAY. And apparently there were some eager beavers for run day, including Sloppy Joe and Weasel Shaker Sir Mix. These two fellas did 10 mi. starting at 4 am, and then Sloppy Joe joined the 0530 train for almost 5 more. STUDS. Seven Pax ran over the bridge, sprinting between utility poles, finally meeting up at Finns Restaurant, where we turned it around for slow Indian Run back to the AO. Along the way YHC volunteered the formation for some surprise burpees. Hooch led the way on the IR and we pulled everyone in safely. We kept that formation “buts-to-nuts” tight.


Congratulations to FT’s daughter, a second lieutenant Marine, who successfully completed a weighted-ruck training interval lasting 10 days. She essentially carried her body weight. But then again, her dad is FT, so we are more pleased than surprised. Strong work, Elaina!

Prayers for the sick or injured among the Pax

Prayers for all who serve the greatest country in the world


EPO was so fast we didn’t see him

Sloppy Joe thought he saw our old Carolina Beach State park wheelchair friend … anyone got a smoke?

Hooch, Get to the front … #uhoh #strongwork

“Way enough!” Johnny Gage … it’s a rowing term meaning to SLOW down … gosh …

8Penny’s red locks were windblown from the speed

Sir Mix said he had to go to work #excuses

Foxtrot likes spandex – at least I think that was spandex …



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