Performance Cotton

11 Pax wondered into the gloom on a crisp Autumn morning.

Warm up:

SSH X 30

Hillbillies X 20

The Thang:

Brief mosey to the play ground for some circuit training.

Inverted rows X 20

Step ups X 20

Inch worm X 10

Jump ups X 10

Rinse and repeat X 3

Another brief mosey to the tennis court for some modified suicides.

Sprint to the first line, and lunge walk back for 3 diamond merkins, sprint to the second and lunge walk back for 6 diamond merkins until you reach the end of the tennis court.

We then grabbed a couple of coupons, just for fun.

We circled up while each pax made a mosey around the retention pond, with their coupons. We rotated through curls, lateral raises, front raises, V-ups, shoulder presses and super sets. All pax made the mosey around the pond.

Finally, we returned our coupons and headed back for some brief mary. We partnered up for 10 partner assisted situps and 10 partner leg throws and cycled through this for four minutes. With 1 minute to spare we finished off with burpees.


Prayers for Seahorses dad. Unfortunately the recording app was not engaged and I do not have the other mentions. Apologies.


I have to start qing more. I’m getting rusty. One thing is sure. BG was salty today, and brother Niles was his target.  Surely there is a deeper psychological reason for this…

Last, out.






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