# of PAX: 11

PAX: Charley-Stop, Stifler, Crepeface, Pumking, Tombstone, Wilson, Nomad, Chicken Noodle, Crosswalk, Tiny Tank, Foxtrot

QIC: Foxtrot


31 SSH, IC

21 Seal Claps, IC

11 Hillbillies, IC

Stretch | Pidgeon Stretch & Press Ups

Mosey a bit and return.

Partner Ladder w/ PVC.  21 | 15 | 9

Partner Up (one team of 3).

Partner 1 completes 21 single count Merkins (chest to ground) while partner 2 does Pass Throughs w/ PVC.  After partner 1 completes 21 merkins, switch. Partner 2 completes 21 merkins, single count, while partner 1 does Pass Throughs w/ PVC.

Partner 1 completes 15 burpees while Partner 2 does Good Mornings w/ PVC.  After partner 1 completes 15 burpees, switch. Partner 2 completes 15 burpees, partner 1 does Good Mornings w/ PVC.

Partner 1 completes 9 squats while Partner 2 does overhead squats w/ PVC.  After partner 1 completes 9 squats, switch. Partner 2 completes 9 squats, partner 1 does overhead squats w/ PVC.

The Thang

Mosey to the gazebo for Counterclockwise.

PAX split into three teams of 3 or 4.

Each team uses a “leg” of sidewalk from the gazebo, out and back.

All Pax, at gazebo, complete 8, 4, and 2 of squats, merkins, and burpees.  Teams run from gazebo out and back at 3, 9, & 12 o’clock. At return to gazebo, all Pax complete 8, 4, & 2 (same exercises) before running out and back at next clock position moving counterclockwise.

Rinse and repeat twice around the clock.

Upon completion, Pax complete a descending ladder of merkins (regular, incline, decline).

Pax mosey back to vicinity of the flag and cirle up.


31 Flutter Kicks, IC.

21 Hello Dolly’s, IC.

11 Freddie Mercuries, IC

Partner up.  Partner 1 planks on curb alternating a touch to shoulder (left hand to right shoulder, right hand to left shoulder) while partner 2 runs across parking lot and back. Switch.

Rinse/Repeat for 3 over and backs.

Mosey to flags.


Continuous movement and strong work by 11 pax.

Crepeface provide a ten count in his native French language….sexiest 10 count ever heard at Screaming Eagle…sure to boost the FIA attendance.

Charley Stop did a bit of EC adding an extra jump to his burpees.

Overall, great chatter in the pews before and after hearing of some plans for extra credit work.

Fun so see the numbers consistently around a dozen and I love the youth that is adding to and shaping our AO’s personality.

Prayers for Leann who is a cancer survivor and who lost her mom to cancer this week…we lift the family in prayer especially through the holiday season.

Thanks for all of the prayers for 2Lt. Van Arnam, USMC, who successfully completed Range Week at Quantico.  Range week is really two weeks, go figure.  Semper Fi.

Shoot for 7 in 7.  Thanks for all who have filled up the Q calendar; look at December and let’s put 2017 to bed!!!

Strong Work!!!  Honor to be the Q.

HAAD! | RLTW! | Foxtrot out.



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