Three Turbos

DATE: 11/14/17


# of PAX: 3

PAX: Flounder, The Ratt

WARM UP: It’s cold, we just want to start moving.


We ran down Causeway over the WB bridge and down Eastwood to the far entrance of Summers Rest Trail, near Port City Chophouse. Fortunately, Flounder requested a headlamp which YHC illuminated only for the trail portion, but it was very dark back there. With only one lamp, it forced Ratt and Flounder to keep pace for the 1+ mile trail portion of todays workout!

Once out of the trail, ran down Summers Rest Rd back towards WB. After a positive time check, we completed 5 bridge repeats over the drawbridge. Run back down to the old Pizza Hut, crossed through Lookout Harbor and down N Channel Ave. We have a couple minutes left and .25 miles short of 5, so we ran around Live Oak Loop and back to the flag!

In total I had us at 5.25 miles! A solid Tuesday morning. .


Flounder- keeps coming every Tuesday, and keeps getting faster! I clocked the trail time down around a 7:15 mile! Keep it up! I can see the motivation growing as your splits keep improving.

The Ratt- I’m always excited when you show up! And to jump out of the car cold and bust out 5 miles at a 7:30ish pace is very impressive! You show up more often and you’ll be running that as your cruising pace!

I’m going to keep you guys pushing the pace every week. I enjoy you pushing me, so expect the favor to reciprocated. You tell me what your goal is and together we can achieve it.

To all those who couldn’t be there this morning, try harder to get there next time! We are out here getting better and faster and you need to be with us!

Prayers for the holiday season coming up. Be with those who cannot be with their families and/or friends.

That’s it for me today. It was an honor and privilege.

BTB- over and out!


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