Coupon carrying members sweat

QIC: Ball Bearing

Pax: BTB, Eom, snail mail, tank, etch-a-sketch,  Tenebaum, Ball Bearing

Moroccan nightclubX25
Little baby arms circles X 25 both ways .

Mosey to the basketball court


Suicides X10 changed the Q on the fly to X6


Mosey to the rock pile and gets some coupons & then to the Skate Park
Partner up . Partner A runs up and down and around the sback up the hill and down the steps while the other partner does cumulative
100 Merkins
200 curls
300 overhead presses
400 squats

Mosey to the concession stand area. Short on time . One partner does step up/ Jump ups on the stoop

while the other partner does jump rope for 1 Min.

Second round for 30 seconds.

Mosey to the AO.

Prayers for Military, government , world leaders , and pax. Be the light to whomever you come in contact today .

It is always and honor and privilege to lead .

Ball Bearing out !!





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