Baywatch – Veteran’s Day

11/11 Backblast

AO: Baywatch

QIC: Gravity

Pax: Milton, Dixie Chick, Ball Bearing, Blue Steel, Brinkley (FC Meca) and Boo Boo (F3 Lex SC)

YHC was humbled and honored to have the opportunity to Q on Veteran’s Day. It was cold, with a crisp, sharp breeze that required layers.

Warm Up: SSH x 25, Imperial Walkers x 20, Cotton Pickers x 20

The Thang:

Begin with a tight formation, slow mosey to the beach down Salisbury. We stopped every 30 seconds to honor the different branches of the military with 10 merkins. As the Q counted, the Pax said “for (name of branch)”. Being we were one day after the Marine Corps birthday, they got the first ten.

When we arrive at the beach, we partner up for partner carries for 15 yards in deep sand. At the switch, complete 5 merkins. Come back to the start with a different partner carrying, same thing. Second round, 5 merkins, 10 sumo squats. Third round, 5 merkins, 10 sumo squats, 15 Carolina Dry Docks.

Once complete, walk down to what looks like hard sand for the Bleep Test. Kudos to the Pax – this was tough in the soft sand (15 meter Bleep Test). We all finished the last 4 with our last runner. I think it was Dixie Chick – correct me if I’m wrong on mumblechatter.

Time to mosey back to the AO (we did not have a flag on Veteran’s Day – I was bummed about that). This time, when we stopped every 30 seconds, we completed ten merkins for a veteran in our lives (alive or deceased). This became really special. Milton honored two brothers lost in the Irag War. I remember Captain Cash was a name. (I couldn’t remember all the names). Blue Steel honored his grandfather, they called him Leather Neck. I honored my dad JB, who’s 82 and served as a map maker for the Army in Korea. So as we do the 10 merkins, all the Pax say that persons name on the way up to honor them. That was awesome.

Back at the AO, we completed 3 rounds of Mary. Thanks to Boo Boo from F3 Lex SC for introducing Frozen Freddie Mercuries. Those kind of hurt. One round of LBCs, and one round of Flutter Kicks.

COT: High praise and honor for our vets, police and fire. The personal stories of people these pax knew was awesome and inspiring.

Brinkley – nice to meet you and Boo Boo. This Back Blast serves as evidence that Boo Boo completed his monthly burpee challenge for extra credit before the workout.

Dixie Chick, Blue Steel – good strong work. Ball Bearing, we hardly ever see each other brother, but it was fun.

Again – it was huge honor and my first time leading Baywatch – what a rush. We even left a few sweat angles on the basketball court. Being Q with a bad wheel is hard, and the guys did not disappoint. They even did a reverse indian run – they called it a caterpillar – coming back for the six – who happened to be the Q. Fun stuff and a huge honor.

Gravity out.


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