• Date of Workout:  13 November 2017
  • # of PAX and their names:  14 –  Flips, LETC, Seahorse, Gravity, Hahvad, Dixie Chick, Pony Express, Mr. T, Mayhem, Snickers, Tiny Dancer, FNG’s Mr. Clean and Homer
  • Name of Q:  Morpheus
  • Warm-Up:  AC/DC “Thunderstruck” to get burpee and heart rate refreshers.
  • The THANG:  10 orange cones labelled with punishments of kettle bell swings (x30); standing lifts (x20, lift KB from ground to overhead, place KB on ground, stand straight, repeat); American hammer (x20); upright row (x20); lawnmower pulls (x10 ea.); push-up lifts (x10 ea.); man-maker merkins (x10 ea.); burpees (x10); v-ups (x20); and triceps extensions (x25).  Rinse and repeat until time is called.
  • Two team relay race through cones of bear crawl, duck walk and bball dribbling (or approximation thereof).
  • Mary of box cutters, heels to heaven, flutter kicks, and Freddy Mercury.
  • COT/Moleskin:  Thanks to God for the mental and physical strength today to rise and shine at AO’s and, more importantly, in the community.  Great focus and way to sling some metal!  Great bear crawls but need bball dribbling practice.
  • Welcome FNG’s Mr. Clean (Neima (ph.)); and Homer (Neil Bowman).  Strong work!  Look forward to seeing you in the gloom and at F2 events (fellowship, i.e., beer).
  • It is an honor and a privilege to lead you men.  YHC, M


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