Welcome to the Gloom

Date: 11/10/2017

AO: Screaming Eagle, Veterans Park

QIC: Rocket Queen
PAX: 12 ; crosswalk, trolley stop, tiny tank, stiffler, chicken noodle, pumking, crepeface, sir-mix-alot, tombstone, glass joe, 8-penny

Thanks to all who braved the frigid, moist, gloom this AM for YHCs VQ at Veterans Park. It was a Veteran themed workout to honor all those that have served this great country. PAX gathered pre-dawn to try to be all they can be and do more before 9am than most do all day. They were accelerating their lives in a global force for good. They were few, and they were proud. The we’re aiming high. They worked hard so they could be always ready.


Side arm circles , Chinooks, Front Arm circles (Ospreys??)
Michael Phelps (bent over arm crosses like he does before he races sharks)
Starfish Crunches x 15 (IC)
Mosey to picnic tables

The Thang

2 Squads each in a column.

Mosey to volleyball court
On command of:
“CONTACT RIGHT” = 10 Merkins
“CONTACT LEFT” = 10 Shoulder Taps
“CONTACT FRONT” = 10 Squats

Multiple attacks were thwarted though we were often surrounded.

Site 1: Volleyball court
Follow the leader
2 rounds of combinations of:
Standing Long jumps
Army crawls
Baby Squat jumps

Mosey to Site 2

Site 2: Dip bars
3 Groups rotate exercises
Dips x 15
Flutter kicks x 50 single count
Catalina Wine Mixers x 15

Mosey to site 3

The enemy was relentless and attacked us again multiple times on the way back. More merkins, shoulder taps, squats, and LBCs. They’re everywhere!!

Site 3: Hill

3 rounds
Bear crawl up the hill
Quick steps across the curb
Crab walk down the hill

Announcements: Bagel Meister breakfast immediately following
Prayers for Stiffler’s wife’s aunt suffering through heart failure and Tombstone/Rocket Queen’s neighbor whose mother is suffering through kidney problems at the hospital.

Thanks again for allowing me the opportunity to lead this workout. Thanks again to all the Veterans out there who have served and continue to serve. We appreciate your service and sacrifice.

-Rocket Queen



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