Welcome to the DOOM

DATE: 11/9/17


# of PAX: 5

PAX: Cracker, 8 Penny, Sir Mix a Lot, Venus


  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 25 IC


  • Bataan Death March to the pull up bars
    • 5 burpees in the back, sprint to the front
  • Once at the pull up bars, partner up for DORA 1-2-3. Yes, we have 5, so I will be the flying partner and mix back and forth between teams
    • cumulative reps of:
      • 100- pull ups
      • 200- star jacks
      • 300- dips
    • other partner runs down to the bridge, bear crawls across, runs back
  • once completed we are on the move! No time to rest!
  • mosey down to the shelter nearest to the flag for an appearance from Bruce Lee!
    • 20 reps, 6 exercises = 1 set
    • 3 sets total with a 30 second rest between sets
      • Exercises:
        • American Hammer
        • Leg Raises
        • LBC’s
        • Heel Touches
        • Crunchy Frog
        • 100’s
    • it is rumored that Bruce Lee would do this for his ab workouts and that he would complete 90 reps, 7 sets….. so we did one full set 😦
  • then to the ground for Spud Webbs to 10:40
  • mosey to the parking lot and line up on the speed bump
    • run to the speed bump at the other end
    • 100 SSH’s
    • run back
    • 100 SSH’s


  • Sir Mix asked that I keep everyone moving and warm, so hopefully I accomplished that!
  • Tonight was not very “gloomy” – definitely more like “DOOM”
  • Congrats to 8 Penny on being the first to sign the Big Board! 7 workouts in 4 days is going to be a very tough pace to continue!
  • Yes, Ugly Stik, everyone saw your numerous posts on slack that you also accomplished it. Unfortunately, if you don’t post with the person who has the board in their possession, you don’t get to sign it first! ; )
    • But also Congrats to Ugly on being the first to qualify to sign the board!
  • Happy Veteran’s Day to all the veterans of F3! We appreciate your service!

That’s all I’ve got. It is an honor and a pleasure!

BTB- over and out!



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