Stingray Friday

November 10, 2017

PAX: EOM, Snail Mail, Sparky, Etch-A-Sketch, BTB, Venus

Q: Flounder

7 PAX posted for Stingray Friday to get their pre-weekend calorie burn.  For some the weekend may have already begun being it is Veteran’s Day weekend.  A little misty with a slight chill but that doesn’t even phase these Monster Factory men.

Warm Up: SSH x 30, Mountain Climbers x 30.  Enough of the WU, let’s get started!

Mosey to the skatepark

The Thang: It felt like a great day for an obstacle/circuit run x 2.  Here is how it went:

– Start at the skate park parking lot, 15 burpees then run to the first set of speed bumps

– 40 Merkins then run to the next set of speed bumps

– 40 V-ups then run to the AO parking lot

– Bear crawl from one end of the parking lot to the other then run to the swing set

– 40 Wooly worms then run to the picnic shelter

– 40 Dips then run to the Token Cache

-40 shoulder presses with tokens then run to the pull-up bar

-25 pull-ups then run back to the skate park

-40 squats

Rinse and Repeat

Mosey back to the pull-up bars for 1 minute of pull-ups/merkins.  Complete 5 pull-ups then 10 merkins for 1 minute.  Mosey to the picnic shelter where BTB led us in Sundial Merkins.  5 count x 2.  Mosey back to the AO.

Moleskin/COT: Congrats to BTB and Venus for completing their 7 posts in a row and getting on the “Big Board”!  They get to join 8-Penny who has the honors of signing first (although it appears it would be BTB from the placement of the signatures).

Prayers for all of the families traveling this weekend due to sports for their kids, our Veterans and first responders, health and reminder to be a good person today.

It was fun guys…thanks for allowing me to lead.

Flounder Out!





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