Into the Deep, Dark, Dangerous Woods

QIC: Busted Grill (Air Force)

The PAX: Bam Bam, Cannoli, Snickers, Last, LETC, Gobo, Hahvahd, Niles, Tiny Dancer, Milton (Army), Dino, Brady

Warm-up: After a brief pause to switch from James Brown to the U.S. Military Academy Band (slightly different genres), we warmed up to a service medley honoring the Coast Guard( little baby arm circles morphing into a full arm swim), Air Force ( ssh’s as we rise into the air), Navy (seal claps of course), Marines ( squats, they always do the dirty work), and last but not least Army (jog in place, grunts allowed). Mosey to tennis courts for Dora 1,2,3 with a twist. Partner up and do 100 Carolina dry docks, 200 heels to heaven, 300 squats. The twist is as 1 partner exercises the other crab walks to center line of 2nd tennis court and runs back until I yell to switch to lunge walks the same distance and later to sprints to the far end. Amazingly no glitches, possibly a Dino effect, but probably not. Plank for the 6, here’s where Dino defied a direct order, apparently he was injured watching the clouds at the monster factory. Love you Dino, come again. Mosey to the playground for 15 wooly worms OYO in honor of Blade’s and Niles’ inspiring Q yesterday. Actually in honor of Martin Luther too. Now that we are warmed up we start our covert mission into the deep dark dangerous sniper infested woods in honor of those who really do that kind of stuff and worse in our defense. Since we happened to wind up at the pull up bars with only 2 casualties, we did a pull up pyramid of 2,4,6,8,6,4,2 pull ups. Mosey back to the flag only about 1 minute late to find the 2 casualties OK.

COT: Actual Veteran’s Day workout tomorrow at Silverfox with EPO and YHC on the Q. Kids at Baywatch for Veteran’s Day. Prayers of thanksgiving for those who have gone before us to give us the great freedoms we have today. God’s blessings on the PAX, the sisters, our families and all those who serve, protect and lead us.

It was an honor to lead such a strong group of men.    BG



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