TD’s Revenge

QIC: Busted Grill

The PAX: FIA: Chowda, Growler, Strings, City Lights, Okra F3: Tiny Tank, Uglistick, 8-Penny, Tiny Dancer, WOWO, Cracker, Ripkin.

Warm-up: Squats 20 IC as we waited for TD, not knowing his planned surgery on EPO’s ego.

The thang: Ruck around to goose poop field for dips 20 IC, step-ups 20 IC. Up stairs 5 times, down 4, then on around to the dark side. Unknown field for merkins 20 IC and flutter kicks while holding ruck up 20 IC. Back around to finish a lap of HMP, then bear crawl around shelter, do 25 crunchy frogs IC and 20 step-ups IC. Ruck to flag for 30 overhead raises of ruck.

COT: Strong work by all. Prayers of thanksgiving for a beautiful fall evening. Prayers for the loved ones of those attacked in Texas, and for us and those who watch over us.

Brewers Kettle to follow. Thanks for the opportunity.  BG






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