Death by Burpee

When  8 November 2017

Where  Screaming Eagle AO, Veterans Park


Pax  Sir Mix A lot, 8 Penny, Trolleystop, Stifler, Chicken Noodle, Cross walk, Tiny Tank, Rocket Queen, Nomad, Crepeface, Glass Joe, and Donut


We had a good turnout for the Wednesday beatdown. The motivation was very high. Mumble chatter was rampant. I wanted to try a new workout today. I know everyone loves burpees, so why not a workout called Death By Burpee? Chicken Noodle then casually says , “That doesn’t sound to bad!!”. Well let’s see.

The Thang:

Mosey to parking lot and circle up.

25 SSH

Death By Burpee

You pick one exercise and set a timer. The first minute, you do one rep of the exercise. The second minute, you do two reps of the exercise; the third minute you do three reps, and so on. When you can’t finish your reps—say, 20 reps on minute 20—the workout ends. I chose Burpees.

When you max out and can’t continue then switch to squats or LBC’s.

This starts very easy and the mumble chatter was high.

But before long the chatter was slowing and it was getting quieter.

Hey Chicken Noodle what do you think?? Not bad right??

T-Claps to Trolley stop, 8-Penny and Sir Mix alot who all reached 20 minutes before stopping. Strong work!!

We then use the remaining time to go on a 2 mile indian run around the campus.


Prayers for the little boy with brain lesion, Sloppy Joe asked for this prayer.

Prayers for the military.

Don’t forget we now have a Friday workout at Veterans Park and the to Bagel Meisters for breakfast.

Thanks for letting me lead. It was an honor and a pleasure.

EPO out




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