500 Years in the making…

Date: 11/09/2017

# of PAX: 15

QIC: Blade (and Niles as resident historian)

PAX: Hoveround, Busted Grill, UglyStik, Mr. Kotter, Tiny Tank, Snickers, MacGruber (F3Raleigh), Venus, Cioppino, CrossWalk, Pumking, FatBack, 8Penny

PRE-BEATDOWN HISTORY LESSON : 10/31/17 was the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, which was the starting point of the Protestant Reformation. Plus, 11/10/17 is Luther’s birthday. Today’s beatdown was in honor of Luther and the other reformers who helped shape what we have today. Our collective religious history & experience (regardless of our denominational affiliation or lack thereof) has been drastically influenced by the reformation. Plus Niles (our resident history Q) was able to work in a historical pun in relation to Jan Huss, the Czech reformer who was executed 100 years prior to Luther; “Today you will roast a lean goose [Huss in Czech means goose], but (a) hundred years from now you will hear a swan sing, whom you will leave unroasted and no trap or net will catch him for you.” (YHC’s note: upon further research, it appears as though the Luther family crest includes a swan)

Let us begin…

SSH x 25 IC

Cotton Pickers x 20 IC

HillBillies x 20 IC

Moroccan NightClubs x 30 IC

(that’s 95 total, one for each of Luther’s Theses)


Indian Run (for Niles of course) up Princess to 2nd, RIGHT on 2nd to the parking structure @ Market & 2nd  *breaking tradition in honor of Luther by choosing a different, & possibly the dirtiest, parking structure in all of Wilmington*

Diet of Worms (modified Dora)

*Luther was tried as a heretic at the Diet of Worms, excommunicated and essentially labeled as an enemy of the state. After the Diet of Worms, any German could kill Luther without legal repercussions.

Partner Up & complete:

95 Worms [from standing; bend, walk hands out, high plank, merkin, walk hands in, back up] *in honor of the Diet of Worms*

95 Presses *in honor of Luther’s prolific use of the printing press*

95 Pretzel Crunches *Luther was German*

95 Dips

95 Flutter Kicks

25 Burpees EACH

*if you’re counting, that’s 500, one for every year of Reformation*

Mary for the 6 consisted of some stuff I don’t recall

Mosey down Market to the river

Karaoke 4 lightposts *in honor of Luther’s hymn writing & use of music in church*

Indian Run back to the flag


Box Cutters x 20 IC


Recap of Luther & the importance of remembering those who have gone before us, our “cloud of witnesses”. We owe it to them & ourselves to remember that what we have is because someone before us paid for it in some fashion. We stand on the shoulders of all history, failing to remember who/what came before us dooms us to repeat the failures of antiquity. This applies especially now going into Veterans Day.

Two Martin Luther quotes to ponder;

“Be a sinner, and let your sins be strong (sin boldly), but let your trust in Christ be stronger, and rejoice in Christ who is the victor over sin, death, and the world.”

“We are beggars: this is true.” (Luther’s last written statement)

Other Stuff:

Battle Board – do it! Congrats UglyStik & 8Penny!

NightFlight @ HMP followed by F2 @ Wilmington Brewing tonight

GoRuck Custom Heavy 04/20/18 – Sign up, you have time to train. (don’t expect Mr. Kotter to be there, he’s “booked” that day)

Prayers for those not with us for whatever reason(s), those affected by violence in TX & elsewhere.


As always it was an honor to lead you men! In what other circumstance can you convince 14 grown men to follow you around downtown Wilmington, in the dark, doing stupid exercises, & talking about Martin Luther? Also, it was great to see a few “new” PAX at Battleship, let’s make it a regular thing. #mostunderratedAO

Until next time…

Blade out!




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