TT With BTB & Me

November 7, 2017


Q: Flounder

Beautiful morning on the beach with just BTB and Me for Turbo Tuesday.  For all of those PAX that fartsacked today, you missed a perfect morning for a run and a short workout.  Don’t worry, there will be next week, especially as you work towards getting your name on the “Board”!

The Thang:  Some quick stretches then run around the loop stopping at the pull up bars.  This section was about 2.15 miles which was run at a good pace around 7:30.  One PAX started with 10 pull-ups while the other started with V-ups.  Once finished, we switched then worked our way down to 1 pull-up while rotating between pull-ups and v-ups.

Mosey to the basket ball court where we ran some suicides to get the heart rate up.

From there we picked up and jogged to the beach to watch the sunrise while completing squats x25 and burpees x10.  Back to the AO.

In all we completed 4.2 miles and managed in a solid workout.


As we were running around the Loop and BTB was increasing his pace, I began to think about how running with faster PAX pushes and motivates me to improve.  If I was by myself, I could have easily slipped into an 8:00 pace but seeing BTB in front of me did not allow for that.  We have run faster paces, but anytime I can maintain a 7:30, I am pretty pleased.  I know I slowed BTB down a bit but he needs to learn to take it easy every now and then!  We wrapped up with a prayer and thankful to have the health to start this Tuesday out the way we did.

Flounder out.








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