Electrons were in the Air

Date: Saturday 10/14/17


AO: Alderman Elementary School


QIC: Sparky


# of PAX – 14

Sir_Mix_A_Lot, Busted Grill, Wreck_it_Ralph, Hahvahd, Niles, Heisenberg, Bath Salts, Wild Wings, Firemarshalbill, Cialis, Moab, Mr. Miyagi, FNG-“Vandelay” (Art Davis)




Seal Claps IC X 30

Wind mill IC X 15

Hillbilly IC X 15

Cotton Pickers IC X 15

High Knees/Butt Kicks – Call out Burpee or Merkin X 2 (PAX start with high knees, starting with Q and go around the circle, you either call out Burpee or Merkin X 2 and each PAX does that exercise until it gets back to the Q.  Q switched from High Knees to Butt Kicks about half way through.



The Thang


Today was the first day of Silverfox with the new flag, thanks @ EPO. Q said we will carry the flag whenever we mosey, and anyone that passes the flag does 3 burpees.  (Only had one violator at the very beginning but there might have been a miss understanding for who does the burpees)


Bear Crawl Inchworm 2 lines until each PAX went twice


Mosey to front yard

Plank Jump X 40 yards – 2 lines of PAX, each in either high or low plank, starting in back, PAX jumps over each PAX until they get to the front then they get in PAX position.


Mosey to playground

Modified Cindy (1 min sets 10 rounds)

5 – Pull up/10 – Merkin/15 Squats


At basketball court, groups of 3/4

PAX (1) and near end planks,  Pax (2) at other end doing exercise, PAX (3) starts at end with PAX (1), runs to other end, picks up the exercise count from PAX 2, PAX 2 runs and switches with PAX (1).  Continue until all exercises are complete

100 – Overhead presses

200 – LBC’s

300 – SSH


Mosey back to AO where outdoor benches are

Step-up (Hold at top for balance)  IC X 20 total, switch leg each one

Dips OYO X 20

Russian Dips OYO X 20 (10 each leg)


Back to asphalt

Dr. M – IC X 5 (Took a couple to get the count down, but was worth it)


Circle up for some stretching




Welcome FNG – -“Vandelay” (Art Davis)

Wild Wing announced Kiwanis was having pancake breakfast at Hoggard High School

Spin Doctor getting better, up and about

Wreck_it_Ralph suggested the Christmas Party to be on December 16th.  Was originally mentioned on Dec. 9th but he will be out of town.  He was gracious enough to say we could use the house then, BUT the Christmas party is scheduled for Dec. 16th


Sir-Mix-A-Lot – Thanks for posting and you support


Busted Grill – What can I say, you are STRONG


Wreck_it_Ralph – Don’t say much but never quits.


Hahvahd – Always strong and consistent


Niles – Always supportive and witty


Heisenberg – Thanks for the energy and support


Bath Salts – As always strong work and way to get up on those high pull-up bars


Wild Wing – Way to work hard, still a little concern about the foot wear


Firemarshalbill – Don’t hear much from you, but you are always there at the finish


Cialis – Always working hard and never complaining


Moab – What can I say brother, proud of you.  Keep up the hard work and one day, maybe you will be as strong as your older brother.  Catch me if you can!


Mr. Miyagi – Strong work, and using correct form.  Maybe it’s time you VQ and do some instructing


FNG-“Vandelay” (Art Davis) – Strong work this morning. Now I see where 8-penny gets it from



That all for now. Thanks for letting me lead, always an Honor







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