Alarm on Columbia Street

Date: 11/4/17

Location: Baywatch, Wrightsville Beach, NC

QIC: Venus

# of Pax: 13

Pax: Coffe Bean, 8-Penny, FNG Shake Down – (Bryan Stephany), Dino, Tennebaum, The Adjuster, Hoff, Cracker, Trump, Blue Steel, Abacus, Waffle.


On an absolutely gorgeous November morning, 12 Pax joined YHC at Baywatch. I had been fighting a cold all week after taking my kids to Carowinds last weekend…it sure felt good to be back with my brothers in the gloom. This AO has become known as the best “view” AO in the nation. This morning was a sure sign of that title.

The Warm-Up:

Seal Claps x25IC

Mountain Climbers x20IC

Imperial Walkers x15IC

Burpees x10OYO

Cotton Pickers x5IC (SLOW)

LETS MOSEY to tha BEACH! Along the way we stopped at the Intracoastal Realty office to perform some ATMs and Flutterkicks

ATM #1: Alternating Shoulder Taps x15IC

Tempo Merkins x10IC

Fast Merkins x10 IC


Flutterkicks x30IC


ATM #2:

Alternating Shoulder Taps x10IC

Tempo Merkins x5IC

Fast Merkins x5IC


Finished so lets continue our mosey to the beach.

When everyone thought we were headed to the beach, YHC told Hoff and Dino (who were having a bromance all day, more to come on this later…)to go to Columbia Street.


ALARM – Find a partner. Partner 1 runs to the end of the street to the beach access and back while partner 2 does the exercise. Reps are cumulative. Single Count all exercise.

A – Shoulder Taps x200

L – Squat Jumps x300

A – LBCs x400

R – Rocky Balboas x500

M – Mountain Climbers x600


A little Mary courtesy of DINO while the last pair finished with the assistance of Screaming Eagle Beast 8-Penny.

Time is almost up so we paired up and ran back to the AO. We stopped at Intracoastal Realty again for some Freddie Mercuries x25IC.


Great morning to be a part of F3 and this beautiful city we call HOME. How lucky are we. Everytime Hoff would run to the Access he would jump on the fence to take in the gorgeous sunrise. UNREAL.

Strong work by all this morning.

Dino and Hoff shared a special moment this morning. I know the list is…growing….not sure if thats a good thing or bad…but as Dino passed Hoff on the run, Hoff proceeded to show Dino the family jewels. Yes the “twig and berries”. I am glad y’all share a special bond.

Strong work by the FNG – Shake Down. Great EH DINO.

Cracker thanks for grabbing trackless Trump and bringing him this morning. Always love having y’all there.

Tenenbaum – the silent assassin. Way to go.

Blue Steel – you are a warrior.

8-penny – you represented Screaming Eagle well this morning. Your an absolute beast!

Hoff – thanks for the push on the runs. Needed that!

CoffeeBean – Your inner animal is coming out…I can feel the attack about to happen.

The Adjuster – I’ve missed you! Hope soccer wasn’t too bad after that workout.

Abacus – great seeing you again. keep the work up.

Waffle – its been a while, come out some more in the gloom with us.


Custom F3 GoRuck Heavy here in Wilmington April 2018. Sign Up


Prayers for those who need F3

Prayers for healing and comfort for friends and family

Prayers for those who make us better.


Thats all I have fellas. Thanks for the opportunity to lead such a great group of men.

It was an honor…

Until Next time…

Venus OUT!




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