OG AO (HMP) still the best

Date: 11/3/17

The Pax: Blue Steel, Busted Grill, Dixie Chick, Flounder, Hahvahd, Mr T, Niles, Pony Express, Seahorse, THE Adjuster, Tank, Tiny Dancer,Trump, Ugly Stik, Venus, WoWo, and Wreckit Ralph.



18 pax found the pre-dawn gloom on a perfect 58 degree morning at HMP. It felt good to have a strong showing at the Original AO. You just can’t beat HMP in the gloom.  YHC’s 2.0 WoWo is in attendance, so he better get it right. Let’s do this thing.

Warm-up- SSH x 20 IC, Imperial walkers x 20 IC, and Cotton pickers x 20 IC.
Mission Statement- Plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Tha Thang-
Mosey to the tennis court parking lot.
OYO routine. 10 mogul jumps run to other side of parking lot. Using the parking curb, do 1 sun dial merkin. Repeat with 9 moguls 1 sundial merkin. Continue until down to 1, then Mary for the 6.

Find a partner. Partner 11s. Start at the bottom of the hill. Wheel barrel up the hill, everyone does 10 prisoner squats. Run back down the hill for 1 LBC. Keep flapjacking the numbers like any 11 routine.

Mosey to the rock pile, and find 2 coupons per one set of partners. Partner A runs around pond. Partner B does jack Webbs with coupons. 1 merkin, 1 air press, 2 merkins, 2 airpresses etc. Rinse and repeat 3 times.

Mosey to the wall. 20 step ups, 10 derkins, OYO then jail break to the flag.

Time for Mary- We did some flutter kicks, hello dollies, and crunchy frogs.

CoT- Jimbos and Jesus- Hit it. Cancer and other ailments seem to be touching the lives of the pax. We ask for healing and understanding. Lots of new pax in the mix. Gratitude for pax who gave F3 to us and the opportunity to give it to others. Celebration of 2 yr anniversary for F3Carterico. The Advisory Council had a productive meeting last night. Stay tuned for details. Keep giving it away.

Moleskin- A new routine always brings out the questions. Next time over/unders on how many questions and on who asks the questions. YHC has had an awesome week of F3. Met Mr. T on Tuesday, and abused him on the parking deck. Now after 3 more posts, it feels like we are close friends. Dixie Chick and I have had some cool conversations lately. He is all in. Pony Express is another newer pax who has stepped in and made us better. Then this am, we get the pleasure of seeing THE Adjuster return to the gloom. Says he has been playing soccer. Not sure what soccer games are at 0530, but whatever. Good to have you back. As a bonus, we got a lot of OGs this am – Hatehates, Respects – and Flounder and Tank. Stik, don’t feel old. You are still a hatehate in my eyes. The routine was designed to make you sore, sweaty, and dirty. Hopefully that was accomplished. Finally the best part is having WoWo, my 2.0, show up to my Q for the first time. All of you dads know exactly what that is all about. Doesn’t get much better.

Truly humbled and honored to lead this am. I love this stuff. LETC out



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