Bear Crawl Roundup


DATE: 11/03/17

QIC: Ball Bearing # of PAX: 9

PAX: Btb, Eom, Snail Mail , Bam Bam, Sparky, Dino , Etch-a-sketch,  Etch, I mean Knuckle Puck, and yours truly Ball Bearing .


Whenever the Q calls out Bear crawl , the pax
Bear crawl in a circle until the Q says stop . The 1st person does bear crawls around the circle until he gets back to his spot and does everyone else low planks until it is there turn .

Warm up
SSH x 51 in Cadence
Moroccan nightclub in Cadence x 15
Cotton pickers in cadence . X 15

Snake Indian run to the the pull up bars .

Partner up.

4 exercises done here .

Knees to chest , dips , crunch’s , chest presses

While one partner does the exercise the others
Run to the other end of the parking lot

25 count
After that Indian run to the other end of the park . We didn’t quite make it to the end of the park but
On the way back alternate between run and back pedal between lights until we get back turn left at the bathroom


Wall ups, hanging wall Merkins , Mike Tyson’s , and reverse mountain climbers , when the Q says switch you switch . Do as many as you can.

Mosey to the stadium same partner,

One partner does leap frog up , run down the bleachers , while your partner does bear crawl around the bleachers. Meet your partner wherever he is. X2

Mosey to the AO.

Count off. Name a-Rama.

Prayers for Pax , World Leaders and Fartsacks Etc.

Everyday is an opportunity. Make it a G8t one . Thanks for allowing me to Q!! BB out .







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