The Fantastic Four

Date: 10-31-17 (Halloween)
QIC: The Ratt
# of PAX: 4
AO: Turbo Tuesday at WB
PAX: BTB, 8 Penny, Zuckerberg

Warmup: YHC was a little late, so BTB started the PAX off with some SSH.

The Thang: Run around the whole loop, except stop every .25 mile and do 20 Merkins, 20 Plank Jacks, and 20 Mountain Climbers single count. Stop on the beach for some sprint work. Man is it dark early now, luckily no one rolled an ankle. At every interval stop and do 5 burpees, half way to Station One we switched to American Hammers. At Station One we did the Thor workout, which got everyone thanks to GOBO yesterday.

Then Carterico Indian run down to the Blockade Runner back to the Flag. YHC then did 25 SSH while the PAX held plank to make up for his lateness. Strong work by all!

The Ratt Out.




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