Spider-Man Adventure at UNCW

Date: 10/31/17

The pax:  Busted Grill, Fat Back, Pony Express, Gobo, Mr Kotter, Tiny Dancer, Trump, and FNG Mr. T (Nic Troutman)

QIC: Spider-Man (LETC

On the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, 1 Catholic and 8 heathens gathered at Lot M at UNCW to share in Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. The Catholic was not asked to pay for his penance, and the heathens were not burned at the stake. See how far we have come?

Anyhow, at 0530 Spider-Man announced that it was time to get it on. Here’s what happened.
SSH IC x 20 and Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Tha Thang-
Mosey to Chancellor’s walk. Sprint 2 lampposts, mosey 1 lamppost. Rinse and repeat.
10 burpees.
Sprint 2 lampposts, mosey 1 lamppost. Rinse and repeat. 10 burpees.
Mosey to parking deck. Find a partner. Partner B starts running up ramp. Partner A does 10 merkins then runs to catch Partner B. Flapjack until everyone reaches top. 10 burpees.
Rinse and repeat.
Next, starting at top of deck, do 10 merkins, go down staircase, sprint to next staircase, go back up, 10 merkins. Repeat until back at start.
Indian Run to bottom. Everyone was feeling good, so 10 more burpees.
Indian Run all the way back to flag.

Mary- LBCs, Hello Dollies, and flutter kicks.

CoT- Name our FNG courtesy of Fat Back. Tclaps to Fat Back and Chicken Noodle on the EH. Welcome Mr T. Prayers for a good friend of Tiny Dancer who has a recurrence of cancer. Lots of workouts, CSAUPs, and 2nd F in the works. Pay attention on slack and twitter to stay up to date.

Moleskin- YHC loved playing spidey today. Thanks for the strong showing this am pax. Mr Kotter was strong and out front. I keep forgetting to ask Tiny Dancer to Q Silverfox cause there is no way he is 50+. Trump, thanks for posting at UNCW. I love feeling the Hatehate vibes. Fatback, how is it that we have never crossed paths? You have to post more, or yhc has to vary his AOs more. Gobo, you just keep getting stronger. “Most Dependable” in HS? Pony Express you have officially crossed over from working out with F3 to being F3. Welcome brother! Mr T, welcome welcome. If you are a friend of Chicken Noodle, you are a friend of mine. Join Slack. Check out the website F3CapeFear.com. Dive right in. You are going to love this stuff.

Always and honor and a privilege to lead. Thanks Pax
LETC out




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