Saturday with Burpees

When: 10/28/2017

Where: Silverfox AO, Alderman Elementary School


Pax: LETC, Sparky, Moab, Busted Grill, Stifler, Chicken noodle, Wild wing, Ball bearing, Double check, Hoff, HooverRound, Heisenberg , and 1 more.

14 men gathered at the Silverfox AO. Six men completed an extra credit run before the work out. T-claps to them. The group was very motivated this morning. Unfortunately YHC is nursing a calf injury.  It should not slow me down.

The Thang;

We circled up in the parking lot. Started off with 50 side straddle hops. Then 20 Merkens. 25 flutter kicks. 10 Burpee’s.

We then went through a series of stretches and got nice and limber.

We moseyed over to the carnivorous plant garden. This is a hidden area behind the school that has a boardwalk and a raised ledge.

25 dips, 10 Burpee‘s, 20 step ups each leg, 10 Burpee‘s, 50 little baby crunches.

We then mosey to the basketball court.  I assigned every person a partner for Basketball Court, Dora. 100 Merkens, 200 squats, 300 little baby crunches. Go. There was a lot of mumbled chatter.  I think Doublecheck and Hasselhoff were discussing shopping on QVC. Of all the mumble chatter unfortunately there was no singing by hover round.

We down mosey into a circle for a Burpee tour. 10 regular Burpee‘s on your own. 25 flutter kicks in cadence. 10  180 Burpee‘s, 25 hello dollies, 10 clapping Burpee‘s, 25 little baby crunches, 10 one Legget Burpee‘s, 25 American hammers.

Now let’s mosey to the church parking lot. Circle up 10 more Burpee’s..


25 flutter kicks, 25 hello dollies, 25 little baby crunches.


Prayers for the military and all those that are suffering from the hurricanes and mass shooting.

New workouts starting all the time. Screaming eagle will add a Friday work out, Thursdays will become a run day at Hugh McRae Park, Wednesday rock workouts will involve FiA and F3, and Sundays will become a regular Run work out.

Sunday afternoon there will be a family friendly ruck work out.

Start signing up to Q a workout.

December ninth is the 85th annual Christmas party. Wreck it Ralph has graciously offered up his lovely residence for the party. Southern tour ultra is in January sign up get on a team don’t be a sad clown.

EPO out





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