Merkin Mania (FLEX YOUR PECKS FOR YOUR WIFE DAY) – Approximately 225 Merkins completed today! STRONG WORK

PAX: Ball Bearing, Etch-A-Sketch, Coffee Bean, Boy Gator, BTB, Flounder



Hopping Hillbilly

Tempo Merkins

Kneeling Chest Stretches – Over Head, Arm Under Torso, Arm Away from Torso

Little Baby Arm Circles

Copperhead Squats

Big Arm Circles



Carterico Indian Run to Dog Park Bathrooms – Said heloo to Bob Barker *the Rotwhiler who barks at us in the Silver Nissan SUV every morning

Ascending Testicle – 5 merkins – 5 merkins with feet on wall at 20 degrees – 5 merkins at 45 degrees – 5 merkins at 20 degrees – 5 merkins

Carterico Indian Run to Football Field

Wheel Barrow Merkins – Hopping Merkins or 3 hand steps + 1 merkin/repeat for specified distance.

Catch me if you can – Partner up, Partner 1 runs backwards, Partner 2 does 10 wide stance merkins, then sprints to catch up, repeat – across all 3 football fields the long distance. When you get to the end you switch roles

100 Air Squats – In CADENCE – Single Count

1 minute merkins – as many as you can do in 1 minute, Partner counts and puts fist under chest.


Mosey to the concession stand

Merkin Variations – Each 1 X10

  1. Split Stance Merkins – Right Hand In front
  2. Blastoff Merkins
  3. Merkin Jacks
  4. Knee to Elbow Merkins
  5. Carolina Dry Docks
  6. Ball Merkins
  7. Diamond Merkins
  8. Alternating Side to Side Merkins
  9. Wide Stance Merkins
  10. Split Stance Merkins – Right Hand In front

Ever wonder how much you are pressing when you do a merkin?  Simple way to find out is to do a merkin on a set of scales and hold at the bottom.  The weight it shows is how much you are pressing with each merkin. If you’ve read this, do it, and post how much your merkin press weight is . . . .



Flounder asked that the Tough Rucker time, become more routine – BTB  – We will set an official start time.

There will be some new challenges coming in the coming weeks “Invasion – Capture the Flag”  20 workouts in 30 days, etc.

Prayed for the day and headed home.

Thanks Men for Pushing through.


Ball Bearing – That dude got some serious leaps on the Wheel Barrow Merkins.  Boing!

Boy Gator – There is a quiet strenght about you that is impressive

Flounder – I love that you always go for the Bonus Stuff – AKA Divebomber Merkins at the end of 100 Merkins – Thanks for the Challenge

Etch-A-Sketch – Impressive work today, and I appreciate your encouragement along the way.

Coffee Bean – Set the Bar high on the 1 Minute Merkins

BTB – 66 Merkins in 1 minute.  Enough said!






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