DATE: 10/24/17
QIC: Gobo
# of PAX: 7

PAX: Heisenburg, LETC, Tenenbaum, Pony Express, Mr, Kotter, and Hoverround

I have been out of town and suffering through a cold. Mornings and evenings feel like I have been hit by a bus. However, I still managed to make it and we also were clear of the rain! Great, let’s get started.


  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Cotton Pickers x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 25 IC

Mosey to the track.


Run a mile on the track (4 laps) then do 10 Burpees. Everyone has a goal to complete 3 miles and 30 Burpees.


No time for Mary!


  • Good job to LETC and Mr. Kotter that ran more than 3 miles!
  • T-Claps to Pony Express for saying that he’s there to become better at running. That’s how you do it!
  • Strong work by all!
  • Go into the week and be a positive influence on someone!

Thanks for letting me lead!

Gobo -out



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