Let’s Run

Date: 10/26/17

QIC: Cracker

# of PAX: 3

PAX: Hahvahd, Hoveround

Due to evening events taking place at our normal Night Flight AO, YHC was ready to lead the PAX in a beat down at Wrightsville Beach on this lovely October evening. As 6:15 YHC became afraid that he may be a sad cloud, but out from the shadows appeared Hahvahd and Hoveround. With Hoveround training for his upcoming half marathon, YHC scrapped his plans and decided to support him and run.


A few stretches on the benches and we were off.


We put in approximately 5 miles. Starting at the park, we made our way to the South End and back. What typically is a 45 minute workout turned into a fun filled hour full of running and talks about life.


Hahvahd- For someone that said at the beginning of the workout you’re not a runner, you dominated those 5 miles. Strong work!

Hoveround-  T-Claps on posting twice today.

Remember that night flight will be at WB Park again next week. We will be back at FHGES on 11/9/17.

Row the Boat,




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