Justa Runnin

Date: 23 October 2017
AO:  Screaming Eagle
PAX: 8penny
Q: Hoff
Being as Penny and I were the only ones there (ahem), we started in the opposite direction of the usual Tuesday run; that is to say, along River Road headed to town away from the beach. YHC was sportin’ some old school Chuck Taylors (you young guys probably don’t know what those are) and Penny was wearing a big ole tee-shirt. I’m sure we looked quite the duo.
We headed down the road about two miles and turned into that gated Masonboro subdivision. Yah, gated … but we took care of that easy enough. We ran about another mile and then made a turn to come back out to River Road.
Once on River Road, we headed back to the AO, with 100 yd dash at the finish.
For those trying to discern careers and find their place
For Spin Doctor
Running with a brother gives you the chance to really get to know a guy. Penny and I shared the events in our lives that led us where we are today. I sketched out the plot of the novel I’m writing, and in turn he took me back to a time in his life in the Big Apple. I’ve known Penny quite a while and count him as one of my closest, but I never knew as much as I found out on this run. At the end of the run, our stories had somehow become one – growing up chasing shiny objects only to find that the ultimate shiny object was inside.


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