Cruisin’ Route 66 with Dora

Date: 10/25/2017

QIC: Tiny Dancer

# of PAX: 6

PAX: Busted Grill, Niles, Pony Express, Morpheus, Wreck-It Ralph


Hillbilly X 25 IC
Cotton Pickers X 20 IC
Moroccan Night Club X 50 IC


Route 66
Run down Freedom Way around the pond stopping at every other light pole for an exercise. Start with 1 burpee increasing at each stop by 1 burpee up to 11 burpees(total of 66 burpees, hence the name). After burpees switch to Merkins until we get to the pull-up bars.

Pair up for Dora
Partner 1 does the exercise while Partner 2 runs over the bridge to the wall at Goose Poop Island and does 10 wall jumps.
Exercises are
50 pull-ups
100 mountain climber merkins
150 knees to chest hanging from the bar
200 dips

Back to the flag with a couple of sprints along the way

Stretch while we wait for the 6


We were a small group today but everyone worked hard and got stronger and faster
No hates today and plenty of respects
Pony Express- you have taken the red pill- great to see you posting often, you are ready for your VQ!
Morpheus – way to power thru and play hurt
Ralph – ditto
Niles – thanks for the dad jokes
BG – always an inspiration

Thanks for letting me lead gentleman, always a pleasure

Tiny Dancer Out



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