A Walk in The Park w/ The Screaming Eagles!

QIC: Ugly Stik

Date: 10-25-17

# of PAX: 15

PAX: Pumking, Happy Gilmore, Flamer, Hooch, 8-Penny, Mini Me, Stiffler, Rocket Queen, Donut, Chicken Noodle, Glass Joe, Tini Tank, Crosswalk, Trolley Stop

Warm Up:

Seal Claps x 30 IC
Cotton Pickers x 20 IC
Hill Billy’s x 20 IC
Moroccan Night Clubs x 50 IC


Get in 2 single file lines and Carterico Indian Run towards Anderson Elementary School paralleling Hablyburton Memorial Parkway.

Pause on the grassy lot in front of the Arts Center for a little recovery. Next exercise is the Bear Crawl Ring of Fire! Bear Crawl in a circle, clockwise until YHC says stop; when YHC says stop complete 5 merkins then continue to bear crawl. We made about 3 full circles and completed about 30 Merkins.

Mosey as a group to the playground on the backside of Anderson Elementary School.
The PAX soon learn the cause for this destination. YHC has planned his favorite exercise, DORA 1-2-3, but for this one he needed plenty of swing sets!

Partner Up for DORA 1-2-3
Parter 1 Runs across the playground to the fence and back while Partner 2 completes
100 Underdogs (look it up)
200 Swerkins (Look it up)
300 Wooly Worms (you should know this one)

YHC ends up cutting the Wooly Worms down to 200 for time purposes.

Mutliple Rounds of Mary while we gather the 6.
American Hammers (YHC), Burpees (Chicken Noodle) and LBC’s (Pumking)

Mosey back to the AO and arrive “almost” on time!


Pumking – you’re a beast and you are sneaky fast!
Happy Gilmore – enjoyed running back with you and getting to know you this morning! I think you’ll find your inner runner!
Flamer – I know you have acid reflux, but that’s the closest I’ve been to getting someone to splash merlot in a while!
Hooch – glad you’re still a regular since day one!
8-Penny – sorry if I got you in trouble 🙂
Mini Me – always glad to have corporate here if it’s you
Stiffler – I’m glad you couldn’t remember your name, that means I did my job!
Rocket Queen – you rocked after Brolympics and rocked again this morning!
Donut – glad I made you need a nap!
Chicken Noodle – love this dude! Always so happy!
Glass Joe – nice meeting you, looked strong all morning!
Tini Tank – sorry I had to ask your name, I was still mad you almost beat us at Brolympics 🙂
Crosswalk – keep that positive energy rolling through the Screaming Eagle men!
Trolley Stop – you were so fast I hardly saw you all morning!

One Year Anniversary of Screaming Eagle on the 31st!!!
Celebrate with some F2 at Fat Pelican this Thursday at 6:30!
T-Claps to Happy Gilmore and Chicken Noodle on signing up for their VQ’s!
Prayer’s for Trey who had a benign cyst removed from his abdomen and is recovering!
T-Claps to Screaming Eagle for launching a Friday AO next Friday!

F3 is a men’s workout group, with the mission to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Our workouts:

Are free of charge
Are open to all men
Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
End with a Circle of Trust

As always, it is an honor to lead this group of #HIM!

Ugly Stik, out!



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