The 3 Amigos

Date: 10/19/17


# of PAX: 3

PAX: Cracker, House Keeping


  • YHC was running a couple of minutes late and asked Cracker to get the warm up started. Cracker didn’t have his phone on him, didn’t see the text, so the warm up hadn’t started when I arrived! Therefore… PUNISHMENT!
  • I jumped from my truck, introduced myself on the fly and we were off to the playground!


  • Our punishment started with 5 rounds of:
    • 10 pull ups
    • 20 dips
  • Upon completion, back to my truck where I had a tire waiting!
    • Partner 1: top of hill completing Merkins, Overhead Claps
    • Partner 2: bottom of hill completing squats, LBC’s
    • Partner 3: drags tire down hill
    • We continued switching for a total of 4 drags up and down each
  • Mosey to the bottom of the grass hill
    • PAX at bottom – side straddle hops
    • PAX at top – step ups
    • PAX going up hill – forward facing up hill crab walk (Thanks Abu, that one sucked)
    • PAX going down hill – bear crawl
    • continue rotation until everyone has gone up and down
  • Mosey to swings for wooly worms straight x 10 IC, right elbow x 10 IC, left elbow x 10 IC
  • mosey to monkey bars – go to the end of the bars, turn and come back without dropping feet to the ground
    • while waiting other PAX do jump squats
  • mosey to the flag for mary


  • prayers for House Keeping whose wife will be having their first child any day!
  • prayers for Spin Doctor and his continued recovery

Thank you for the opportunity to lead!

BTB- over and out!



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