Double Date with Heavy Dora

AO: Hugh MacRae Park
Heavy Metal Monday – Heavy Dora Double Date
Weather: 65 degrees, light breeze and totally gloomy.
QIC: Gravity
# of Pax: 8
Pax: Morpheus, LETC, Pony Express, Flips, Mayhem, Dixie Chick, Fire Marshall Bill & YHC

Warm Up: SSH IC x 19? Q lost count
Hillbillies: IC x 20
Cotton Pickers: IC x 20

The Thang:
Pair up for Lower Body Dora 1, 2, 3
100 RDLs – Romanian Dead Lifts
200 Goblet Squats
300 KB Swing Squats
1 partner works on the numbers, the other partner picks up something heavy and walks it 40 yards and back.

Mary on the Six
Freddie Mercury’s x 35
Box Cutters x 20

Upper Body Dora 1, 2, 3
100 curls
200 Shoulder Presses
300 Rows (lawnmower pulls)
1 partner works on the numbers, the other does tricep extensions for 40 yards and back.

Everybody got through about half of the 300 before we stopped to have a little mary before the COT.

LBCs IC x 25
Six Inches, spread ‘em – 10 count, pull ‘em back in – 10 count

COT: Continued prayers for Spin Doctor’s recovery. Prayers for military and first responders. Prayers that others who see our light see not us, but God’s work through us.

Skins: Kudos to Mayhem for signing up for his VQ next Monday at Heavy Metal. Thanks to Dixie Chick for helping YHC with the sore Achilles. Flips, strong work. Fire Marshall Bill and YHC are terrible at counting – but we’ll get better. Morpheus getting it done with a similar injury to YHC. Pony Express, good to see you on a Monday at HMP – great work. LETC, thanks for keeping the Q on point – we can always improve and it helps to have a veteran there to help guys like YHC do it right.

It is an honor to lead and thank you for the Monday Motivation.




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