QIC: 8penny

PAX: UglyStick, TheAdjuster, Niles, DixieChick, BathSalts, Venus, ChickenNoodle, Dino, BlueSteel, TinyDancer, Cosswalk, MrKotter, Seahorse, SirMix, LETC, Last, TheHoff, Pique (FNG), Flounder, MouseTrap, Gravity, Cannoli, PonyExpress

SSH x30 IC
CherryPickers x20 IC


Mosey to field by entrance

Jacobs Ladder:
Run from fence up hill to parking lot and do (1) Burpee.  Run down to the fence and back then do (2) Burpees.  Rinse and repeat increasing the number of Burpees by one each time till (10) Burpees.  Plank on 6

Mosey along road to pull-up bars.  Mountain climbers on 6

Pile Pumping Circuit:
From 3-man teams and grab a 6’ chunk of piling.  Piling must stay in the air until you complete loop on Freedom Way and ALL the station exercises including the pull-ups at the end.  All exercises referencing the piling must be performed with the piling by all PAX.  Station exercises:

  • Pile Squats x20
  • Merkins x20
  • LBC’s x30
  • Overhead Pile Press x20
  • Pile Lunges x20
  • Flutters Kicks 2-count x30
  • Pull-ups x20

On 6:
– American Hammers (Q)
– Merkins on Pilings (Flounder)
– Heals to Heaven (Venus)
– Superman (Dino)

Each team re-secure piling and return it to the flag

On 6:
– Box-cutters (Venus)
– Ass-Kickers (Dino)


– Hoff’s mountain climber form is nothing short of AMAZING
– Niles, I hope you stayed warm enough
– Way to work the pole Seahorse…and you say that’s your first time…
– Team SirMix/Hoff/Pique with the premature pile drop and then recovering by repeating the previous station like a boss
– Welcome FNG Pique…not PK
– Spin Doctor update by Dino: biopsy results positive, type of cancer very treatable.  He is home resting and has requested a name change to Uni-Ball.
– Looking for Launch Team interest in starting a new Thursday runday AO at HMP
– FiA/F3 cookout Sat 3pm at Tidal Walk clubhouse
– Several other important announcements but their relevance has expired

We covered ground and moved some toxic wood.  Great TEAMWORK across the board! (that puns for you Niles)

It was an honor to lead.

-8penny out



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