45:33 – A disco punk Odyssey 


The Q : Niles

The Pax : Tiny Dancer , Pony Express , Busted Grill , Hahvahd

The soundtrack band  : https://youtu.be/zWKIWNJnlzI

YHC took his inspiration for the workout from an upcoming concert he is planning to attend in Atlanta featuring LCD Soundsystem. 45:33 is a techno rave penned by LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy in 2007.  Commissioned by Nike  , the song became a decade later , the soundtrack for a deep dark dive into the gloom at Hugh Macrae Park  – our 5 intrepid travelers were driven by the tribal rhythms onto great feats of physical prowess. 
We started with SSH, imp walkers and some other foolishness and then we sort of Indian ran to the pull up bars carrying YHC’s boom box over our heads and stopping at each speedbump for  a variety of merkins and burpees.

Then onto the pull-up arena for Cindy amrap – alternating with bear crawls across the Bridge of Sighs and step ups/ jump ups at the Wailing Wall. When all had their fill, we returned to the place from whence we came , once more stopping at each bump of speed to perform more feats of strength, this time focusing on our mid- section. A burst of acceleration to the flags and our allotted time was spent- 45:33 – just like the song. 


Pony Express- welcome !-   talked up his M’s schools event .


Hahvahd complained about the unmusical background track and plugged JNJ happening this and every Friday at jimbos at 630 https://f3capefear.slack.com/archives/C1G5LCRFV/p1508439294000456

Tiny Dancer led the charge as is typical. His suturing skills were not needed today fortunately but YHC took the liberty of trying lots of jumpups on the walk instead of step ups  just because TD was there 💉

Busted Grill barely broke a sweat on the pull-ups as you might suspect. 

Prayers for F3 , first responders, the front line,  faith . 

Thanks for traveling with me – Niles out. 



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