Strength in Christ

Strength in Christ- Phil 4:13

Date: Saturday 10/14/17

AO: Alderman Elementary School

Q: Sparky

PAX – 15
Heisenberg, Baretta, Flamer, Red Card, LETC, Cialis, EPO, Wild Wing, Double Check, Chicken Noodle, Ball Bearing, Hoveround, Niles, WOWO


Happy Jacks X 20 IC
Gas Pump X 20 IC
Carioca – 40 yards X 2
High Knees X 20 IC (varies)
Butt Kicks X 20 IC (varies)
Inside/Outside Hip flex – 40 yards each

Q ask if numbers 4 & 13 meant anything. Some discussion then Niles said he thought I was thinking 3 and 16. Q quoted Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”. That would be our focus verse today
We would have 4 exercises and do each one with 13 reps (The reps wound up being 16, Q got confused with the John 3:16). Haha

The Thang

One Calls – (with Partner) Fist bump and hand release at bottom of merkin, opposite hand high five on the top of merkin X 16

Peoples Chair w/ partner with Overhead Presses X 16

WW 1 sit-up with partner – Fist pump on the up X 16

Partnerkin/Decline Merkin – Using partners back for feet X 16

100 – Merkin (P1 does 10, while P2 Planks) Switch
200 – LBC (P1 does 20, P2 holds 6”) Switch
300 – Squats ( P1 does 25, P2 holds squat)
Picked up 6 and cut a couple of teams short due to time

Mosey to the playground
Get into 4 groups for rotation of 4 exercises
First set – 2 times through (45 secs work/ 15 seconds rest (while rotating to next exercise)
Pull ups
Plank Jacks
American Hammer

Second set – 2 times through (20 secs work/ 20 seconds rest (while rotating to next exercise)
Knees to chest
C Abs

Mosey back to AO

Circle up for some stretching


Several announcements and prayer request, can’t remember all the detail but Christ knows.

Busted Grill giving it away in Naperville, Chicago

Niles told about how a total the group that did EC run met a total stranger that was interested in F3 and ask if “he” could pray for them. We need this guy!

Sang Happy Birthday to Ball Bearing, was an honor to have BB birthday Q

That all for now. Thanks for letting me lead




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