Menage a Dora

Date: Friday  October 13

Location: Hugh McRae Park

Q: Flounder

Pax: Dixie Chick, Bath Salts, Pony Express, Crosswalk, PumKing, Haaavad, Tom Sawyer, Parrothead, Gobo, LETC, Tiny Dancer

Warm Up: SSHx30, Forward Arm Roll x 30, Backward Arm Roll x 30, Mountain Climbers x 30

Mozy to the tennis court.

The Thang: I have been wanting to try a spin on Dora’s for a while where there are teams of 3.  We had 12 today…perfect.  The idea is that one of the Pax will run suicides using the far doubles lane of the tennis courts.  Meanwhile one Pax would go on the far side for situps and the last Pax would position on the near side for Merkins.  The Pax running suicides would finish at the opposite end where he started, relieve the other Pax, who would then run suicides to relive the Pax on the far side. Rinse and Repeat.

We had 3 rounds of this:

The first: 300 Merkins, 300 LBC’s

The second: 200 Mike Tyson’s (aka Blastoff Merkins), 200 V-ups

The third: 100 Dive Bomb Merkins, 100 Freddie Mercury’s (double count)

I have to say once we got in the swing of it, it went pretty well.  I was worried it would be one of those “looked better on paper” moments but I will certainly consider this for future Q’s.

Mozy to the street for sprints:

4 sprints about 100  yards then at the end of each sprint, an exercise was called out.  15 Burpees after the 1st, 25 Bobby Hurley’s after the second, 20 ??something after the third then 20 high knee jumps.


LETC updated us on the Board Meeting and Brolympics.  Leland is the next destination for F3 so if you know anybody who lives across the Bridge, please invite them.  A reminder that the Christmas party will be coming up (no date yet) but it will be at A Road (Wreck It Ralph’s).

We wrapped up with a prayer for Snail Mail for a quick recovery after his surgery.  Flounder led the group out with a prayer reminding us all to be good people, all the time!

Enjoyed it guys…thanks for letting me lead.

Flounder Out.






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