Did you get your name on the Wall for the EOM with EOM?

Pax: 13 Pax entered the Foggy Gloom at SR – Flounder, Chimpini, LETC, Etch-A-Sketch, Zucherberg, BTB, Gobo, Tenenbaum, Sparky, Snail Mail, Trump, Ball Bearing



Merkins to opposite toe touch

High Kness – Not Hineys

Air Shoulder presses In Cadence

TABATA – 3 Minutes of Squats and Al Gores (20 Seconds Squats–>10 Seconds Al Gore)

The Thang:

Mosey to the football field:

Over & Under – (everyone lines up in a line in high plank position.  person at back of line jumps over one man then crawls under the next, until the end, then gets in plank position after passing the last pax)

Shoulder Tap Merkins X25 in Cadence – (Thanks to LETC for calling me out/keeping me accountable on how to call the exercises. I was so tired by this point, that I couldn’t think straight. )

Side to side Plank obliques X25 in Cadence

Sumo Squat Burpees – no jump X20 OYO

Mosey to rocks:

Shoulder press in ab Flexed lunge position

Alternating press

Bent over Back flies

Single hand press

Bent over rows

Both hand press at the same time

Partner up –>  High Plank Rock Taps

Mosey to swing sets:

Swing jumps X20

Lunges from one swing set to the next one

Inverted swing – lat pulls X20

(Rinse and repeat X2)


Bridge in Cadence X25

Bridge Explosions with a 3 count hold at top X25


Thanks to Chimpini for supporting us with brews for Brolympics.

Ruck to the Capital – $20, 20 lbs, 20 miles

Bros, Bible, and Brews – tonight at Lazarus’s house.

Prayers for Zucherberg’s friend who has cancer.

Prayers for Spin Doctor and his recovery and the exile of Cancer from his body

Praise – EOM’s Grandmother had a stroke last week at 87 years old, and she is doing great now.


Enjoyed the Q today.  You guys killed it out there!  Strong work!  Now take that same level of determination and strength into your family life, work life, and spiritual life today. Show this day who’s boss!!!  #Ifitdoesn’tchallengeyouitdoesn’tchangeyou