Allen’s Ln

QIC: ✔️✔️

PAX: Uglystick Busted Grill FNG (Trey Miller)

The Thang:

Begin on a predetermined route.

One person carrying 40 lb coupon.

Every 5 minutes Pax w/o coupon will drop & complete 10 Merkins.

Pax with Coupon will choose another Pax to pass Coupon to.

Rinse & Repeat until each PAX has 2 complete rounds with the Coupon.


Welcome FNG WOWO (Wax On Wax Off) Trey Miller

FIA will be joining us on our Wednesday rucks. Tough Ruckers site is now an official Fire Base on the Go Ruck website so others not associated with F3 or FIA may show up which continues to promote such a great & unique activity!!!

Prayers for Spin Doctor & Coon Bait as they wrestle their Lions 🦁

Prayers for BG as he travels to Chicago and shows them how well we age at the beach!

Not only is this an Honor but a Privilege

✔️✔️ Out



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