Holy Humidity

4 pax posted at the Screaming Eagle AO, Under Snow Cut Bridge for a run workout. WOW, the humidity was  ridiculous.  Whether we like it or not we’re gonna work on getting faster. Lucky for me Hooch showed up so I didn’t have to run with the Hoff or 8- penny.  Hooch and I are a much better match for running together. 

When; October 10, 2017


When; October 10, 2017

Where; under snow cut bridge


PAX;  Hasselhoff, eight penny, and hooch

The Thang:

It’s run day Tuesday so of course we will run. Today we worked on increasing our overall speed. We utilize the technique: fartlek training.

Fartlek training  is when you run your race pace for one minute then recover for one minute. The difference is your recovery should only be slightly slower than your race pace. This in general will increase your overall ability to run faster and longer.

Sounds great but it hurts.

So like I said luckily I got to pair up with him. High sent Hasselhoff and a penny off by themselves.

Unfortunately I think I scared the lady at the gas station as I had a bad case of hot colon and just went running through the gas station to demolish the men’s room.


We cover between four and 6 miles respectively. Everyone did good work. Now who just gonna go home and run  3 miles with his son.  Hell yeah strong work brother.


Prayers for the men and women of the military.

Prayers for F3 brother stricken with testicular cancer.

Cookout social on October 21 Tidalwalk clubhouse please look for the announcement on mumble chatter and there is a channel set up on Slack to sign up.

EPO out



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