Gravity’s B-Day Q


Gravity’s B-Day Q

AO: Battleship

PAX: Blade, Wilson, Flamer, Heisenberg, Zuckerberg, Niles & FNG – Robert Shapiro (Cioppino)

It was YHC’s B-Day, so I stepped up to Q in unfamiliar territory (a run day). I previously only posted at Battleship one time – the week prior. So this time, I wanted to share a little of my history with downtown.

Warm Up:

Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Cotton Pickers IC x 20

Dynamic Warm Up down the parking lot – straight leg high kicks, open the gate, close the gate, sweep the wheat, butt kickers and high knees. Into a mosey up Walnut to Front, down Front to Grace in front of the Efird Department Store Bldg (Outdoor Equipped & Redix store for those that don’t know).

The Thang:

There we completed 10, hands up, dead stop merkins.

Get up and mosey the Post Office flag.

The Beep Test: Famous in soccer circles, the beep test is a take on the famous Manchester United Fitness Test. For these fartsack fighting PAX we did a 15 yard beep test. For those of you interested, the bottom step of the Post Office is exactly 15 yards wide. The exercise begins with a beep – you must run the 15 yards before the next beep. When you hear the next beep, return to the starting point before you hear the next beep. Every five runs or so, the beeps begin to get close and closer to each other, requiring  you to run really fast.

For our endeavor, we agreed the Six would carry the Leaders. If you can’t make it in time for the next beep, catch you breathe, and get back on sequence with the leaders until they can’t go anymore. It’s at this point in the story that we remind you that Zuckerberg decided to show up to this AO. So yeah, basically when we realized he was the only one going we all agreed to run four more shuttles (a/k/a sprints) with him and we shut the exercise down.

Next exercise: breathe

Starting at the intersection of Front and Chestnut: shuttle sideways to the cross walk in front of Chops, then switch sides to Princess St. Mosey to the intersection of Front and Market.

Diego 1-2-3: In the show Dora the Explorer, there is a chimpanzee as a sidekick named Boots. To help attract more male viewers, they introduced a guy named Diego who was some rainforest eco warrior with a Jaguar appropriately named Baby Jaguar. Whevere Baby Jaguar would do some cool eco saving stuff, Diego would say “Zoom Zoom”. So we did an abbreviated version of Dora 1-2-3. Partner up for 100 merkins, 200 monkey humpers, 300 Hello Dolly’s. Van Halen’s 1984 was introduced here. From Finkelsteins, one partner run down to the 2nd set of parking meters and back – twice. Most of the PAX chose to complete their exercises on the road since it was cleaner than the sidewalk (not fake news).

Mosey to the Riverwalk and grab a photo. Between the bridges there are at least 80 known ship wrecks. During the ship building boom, 192 Liberty Ships were built across the river. When completed, they were armed and put right into service. After the war, since there was no place to dock these boats, the military would just beach them. Occasionally on a really low tide, you can see about 5 or 6 of them, depending on where you are. I should also mention my B-day had a really exceptional full moon.

From here we mosey bag to the AO for one round of Mary. To the song Gravity by the Infamous Stringdusters, we hold six inches and when you hear my name, one heels to heaven, one flutter kick and one hello dolly.

Thanks for all the support and birthday wishes. This BB is being posted post Brolympics, so T-claps to Venus and his support team. You make us proud. Prayers for Spin Doctor.

As Q, I gave thanks for the blessing that F3 has granted me and I’m glad we found each other. Thanks for staying engaged the whole workout Cioppino – you are gonna love this group. Don’t go through life’s trials alone, just get up and post at 0530 and be a part of the brotherhood. We will lift you when the weight is heavy.

It was a high honor to take another trip around the sun with you guys, Gravity



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