QIC: 8penny

PAX: EPO, TinyTank, Crosswalk, PumKing, Flamer, Hooch, SirMix


Seal Claps x30 IC
Moroccan Night Clubs x20 IC
Mountain Climbers x20 IC


Mosey to baseball field

Bear Tysons:

  • Line-up along 1st baseline fence
  • Bear Crawl to 1st base, then Crawl Bear back and perform Mike Tyson x1
  • Repeat increasing Mike Tysons x1 each time till you reach 10 Mike Tysons
  • Mary on the 6, Flutter Kicks x20 IC

Mosey to front of school


  • Run across front yard to sidewalk and perform Burpees x10
  • Run back to wall and perform Wall Jump x1
  • Exchange Burpee reps for Wall Jump reps so next cycle is 9/2 then 8/3 and so on until you reach Burpees x1 and Wall Jumps x10

Tight on time so run around back of school to pull-up bars

Pull-up Ring-of-Fire:

  • PAX circle up and hold high plank
  • 1st PAX runs to pull-up bars and does Pull-Ups x5 counting out loud while all PAX in circle perform Merkins x5
  • Continue around circle until al PAX have completed their Pull-Ups

Run back to AO

Finish with Crunchy Frogs x30 IC


  • EPOs Brolympics case of beer will be an IPA
  • Sign-up for the Brolypics this Sat! If you can’t compete or commit for the entire event, come out for any part of it.  Also need volunteers to help with the competition.
  • Welcome back and congrats Flamer following the arrival of the new 2.0. Not sure but it seems wall jumps might be the acid reflux solution…
  • Strong work PumKing, way to push yourself!
  • Happy 28th Anniversary Hooch…prayers for his wife Jeannie that she keep on keeping on
  • SE considering launching a Fri AO
  • F2 this Thursday 18:30 at Good Hops

Great motivation by all, it was a pleasure to lead!

-8penny out



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