D-lite in D Niles

Wednesday 9/25/17

QiC- Niles 

Pax :Gravity, Busted Grill, Last, Mayhem, Glass Joe, Dixie Chick, Flips, Hahvahd, Bath Salts 

Nine men with an appetite for sarcomere destruction ventured forth on a pleasant Wednesday morning to partake in a breakfast of champions with Niles providing the day’s recipe . 

We warmed up with side straddle hops, Abe Vigoda and Imperial walkers. Then moseyed to the first speedbump where we ran from speed Bump to speedbump doing 

10 Burpee lunges
20 Lunge walks

30 Imperial lunges

40 merkins 

50 Peter parkers 
The Thang 

Then to the pull-up bars where we paired up and did 10 pull-ups 20 dips and 30 squats , then running in tandem to the bridge did partner carry across the bridge and jump ups at the island.  Rinse and repeat with Yoga in between.

Merkin versorama

We formed a wheel and starting in high plank memorized Psalm 37 verse four which we repeated in rotating fashion while increasing numbers of merkins were done by each person. 
By the end of several rounds each one of us had recited the verse – Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart

Then an Indian run to the baseball field where we did partner assisted stretches and Mary while reflecting on the meaning of the verse. 

Jailbreak to the flag and we were done.


Prayers were requested for baby Opal’s heart surgery, Lasts friend with a serious medical issue.

Cobain’s that I can’t remember more. I do remember it was a good time . Thanks to all for playing !

-Niles out



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