8 Signs of Pain

19 men beat the fartsack and posted at Silverfox for a hour long beatdown by YHC. Little to almost no running. Promise!! The mumble chatter was frequent and chippy. 9 men posted for an extra credit run that lasted about 5 miles. No one got lost but someone had to detour for a hot colon!!


When:   9/30/2017

Where: Alderman Elementary School


Pax:   Niles, Hooverround, Heisenberg, baretta, wildwing, tom sawyer, Cialis, double check, Blade, wreck it ralaph, sparky, LETC, busted grill, ball bearing, Minecraft, dixie chick, Dino, Gage


The Thang;

25 x seal claps

25 x prisoner squats

20 x mtn climbers


Signs are set up in a zigzag patern. There is a workout on each sign. Signs are only 50 yards apart.

10 Jump ups

Mosey to next sign.

MTN Climbers, Merkins, Hign Plank, FK, Squats, lunges, LBC, windshield wipers

Mosey to next sign

10 jump ups and 20 Burbpees

Mosey to next sign

Plank leg raises, merkins, Plank, MTN climbers, Plank jacks

Mosey to the next sign

10 jump ups and 20 Burbpees and 30 Merkins, run around the school

Mosey to the next sign

Fast High knees, squats, Mtn climbers, High knees, merkins, plank leg raises, High knees, FK, Hello Dolly

10 jump ups and 20 Burbpees and 30 Merkins and 40 squats, run around the building.

Mosey to the Flag

Circle up Mary

LBC’s, FK, Leg raises, American Hammer, Plank, Crunchie Frog.


Prayers for the Hurricane victims and the Military.

Sign up for Brolympics.

Sign up for the Southern Tour Ultra, multiple team options

Keep posting The Silver Fox is staying strong!!!

Coffeteria at Panera Bread.



Hot colon got the best of Double check.

Wear your reflective vest and lights when running.

Great seeing Dino


Thanks for letting me lead!!

EPO out



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