Nickle & Dime

4 October 2017

No. Pax 11

Pax – Busted Grill, Niles, Tiny Dancer, Mayhem, Milton, Glass Jaw, SOL, Wreck-it-Ralph, Sea Horse and Zoro

QIC – Minecraft

11 Pax posted in the gloom today.  They fought the fartsack and got stronger.

Warm-up – side straddle hop x 20IC, cotton picker x 15IC and imperial walker x 20 IC.

Nickle and Dime – mosey to speed bump in parking lot.  Pax performs 10 merkins and runs to speed bump at opposite end of the parking lot and performs another 10 merkins.  Mosey back to starting speed bump.  Pax does high plank while six catches up.  Repeat 10 merkins – run – 10 merkins – mosey five times.  Alternate between high plank and LBCs while waiting on six.  Mosey to ball field.

The Cycle – Starting at home plate pax bear crawls to 1st base and perform 3 burpees.  Lunge walk back to home plate.  Next bear crawl around 1st base to 2nd base and perform 6 burpees.  Lunge walk back to home plate.  Lastly bear crawl around 1st and 2nd bases to 3rd and perform 9 burpees.  Lunge walk back to home plate.  Mosey to pull-up bars.

Pull-up bars – 5-10-20 – 5 pull-ups – 10 dips and 20 squats.  Rinse and repeat 3 times.  Walk out to roadway.

Timed 1/4 mile back to speed bump near AO.

Mary – flutter kicks, american hammers, box cutters and side dips.

BROlympics – it is not too late to sign-up.

Prayers for the victims and families impacted by the shooting in Las Vegas.  For those recovering from hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Thanks to Mayhem for closing the workout with prayer.

YHC – Minecraft



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