Field of Dreams

Date: 2 October 2017

QIC: Donut

Pax: The Hoff, Flamer, Rocket Queen, Blue Crab, Cialis, Pumking, Hooch, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Wilson (FNG), Busted Grill

Eleven men posted on a nice cool morning at #screamingeagle for what was sure to be a solid beat down, baseball style.  As humans, we will always be diamonds in the rough, but we all chose to become “batter” this morning and not a man was observed to be in a foul mood (see what I did there?).


-SSH x25, Imperial Walkers x25, Little baby arm circles, Sun Gods

THE THANG:  With warm ups over, lets strike while the iron is hot and mosey over to the Field of Dreams….

-Starting at home plate, bear crawl to 1st base then complete 10 Peter Parkers.  Lunge-walk to second base and power through 10x copperhead squats.  Karyoke to third base and knock out 10 4ct Hillbillies.  Burpie long-jump all the way back to home plate.

-Now mosey to the right field foul pole at 50% speed.  Sprint to center.  Mosey to left field.  Sprint home.

-Repeat at least 5x.

-Now before we begin, since there are 11 of us, let’s spread out and start at different bases/locations….  or half of you could just go to first base for some weird reason.

-Indian run the long way home with a Jail break at the end.

COT – Prayers for the victims of senseless violence.  Prayers for those struggling with their faith (either in religion or human-kind).  Prayers for those needs spoken and unspoken.

MOLESKIN – Brolympics – this Saturday.  No excuses sign up.  The Southern Tour Ultra is still open for sign ups.

Excellent work by all that were there today….

-Wilson (FNG) – Strong work this morning.  We are glad to have you. Cialis – nice push at the end.  Flamer – congrats on the new 2.0.  Glad to see you.  As always, the banter between The Hoff and BG was entertaining.  Blue Crab – glad to see our shame tactic worked.  Its too bad that we had to resort to Epo’s 2.0 to finally get you back out.  Rocket Queen and Hooch quietly pushed through the pain while Sir-Mix-A-Lot silently led the way… with that f*#!ng grin on his face the whole time!

Nice work pax.  Thank you for letting me lead today




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