Jacob’s 8

THE PAX: Tiny Dancer, Flips, LETC, Mayhem, Zorro, Mindcraft, Milton, Gravity, Morpheus and Tom Sawyer

QIC: Dixie Chick

Eleven PAX this morning at Hugh McRae Park for my VQ as we tackled Jacob’s 8, or 4 as it turned out….but whose keeping track anyway.  Jacob’s 8 is circuit based training with dumbbells, kettlebells, rope, medicine ball and Jerry Cans.  The PAX work their way “OYO” through 8 x reps the first go around.  Upon completion of each station, each PAX knocks out some Sumo Squats.


Eight Stations, 8 x reps followed by 8 x Sumo Squats after each station, then carry the Jerry Cans to our newest exercise, the Rope Wave for a 10 count.  Rinse and repeat entire circuit for 7 x reps…etc.…all the way down to one.

The stations set up for today were:

1) Low grip Derkin – Could be called the “Perfect-Push Up” Derkin.

2) Upright Rows

3) Back Rows

4) Tricep Press

5) Hammer Curls – Curls for girls

6) Captain Thor – 1 big boy sit-up followed by 4 American Hammers

7) Lunges

8) Calf Raises

Honorable mention –  Rope Wave….will probably make future appearances at Heavy Metal.

Take the Jerry Cans to the Rope Wave station for a 10 count.  After completion take the Jerry Cans to station one and start over.

LETC took us home with prayers to the families and first responders who were impacted by the tragedy in Vegas.

Fun stuff, I came home and the wife said I smelled…..I took that as a compliment for a hard morning’s work!  Props to the PAX for a strong workout and thanks to everyone who supported my VQ, I appreciate it!!!  I’ll give myself a B- for the first go at it but hope to ace this “Thang” in the not so distant future.  I could have had a B but the “light FM” station killed that.

Happy early birthday to Gravity!



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