Conquering the bridge

8 Pax posted under the Snow Cut Bridge to conquer it. The Screaming Eagle run workout will make the legs burn today. Awesome to see Pumking give Crosswalk a ride to the workout. Don’t fartsack your F3 brothers need you.

When   9/26/2017

Where    The bridge, Snow Cut Bridge Park


Pax   Hoff, 8-Penny, Pumking, Crosswalk, Hooch, Donut, Downhill

The Thang;

Warm up…25 Seal Claps,   10 Squats, 3 minutes to stretch

Run!! This workout is for every pace. Just run back and forth over the bridge as many times a possible before 0610. At 0610 proceed to the flag.

We covered 4 miles today. Strong work.


Prayers for Trolleystop and Family and Flamer and family as they both have new additions to their family. Congratulations!!

Prayers for all those in the path of the recent hurricanes.

Pray take this country can heal the divisions among us.

Pray for the military.

Sign up for Brolympics. NOW!!!


2nd workout this week that 8-Penny brought his 2.0, Downhill. That kid can run!!

The Hoff was pushing everyone as always. Thanks!!

Donut, I read your story. Wow. Strong work!!! I did not know running was not your favorite exercise:)

Hooch is finally making it out on Tuesdays!! Strong work!!

Great to have Crosswalk and Pumking at the run workout. You guys are killing it. Keep taking the red pill!!

Screaming Eagle continues to grow. The numbers are increasing. We might have to consider adding a Friday workout soon.

Thanks for letting me lead!!


EPO out



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