Devil’s Ten Turns 45

THE PAX: Gravity, Mindcraft, Simba (FNG), Mayhem, Ugly Stick, Dixie Chick, Harvard (Hahvahd), and Zorro

QIC: Milton

Nine PAX made their downpainment this morning at Hugh McRae Park. For my Birthday Q (45 years on 26SEPT17) “Devil’s Ten” in on the venue for today. Devils Ten is circuit based training with weights, bricks, blocks, and boulders. The PAX work their way OYO through 10 stations @ 10 reps each. Upon completion of each station, each PAX knock out 10 Merkins per station.


Ten Stations, 10 x reps followed by 10 x Merkins. KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid). Do your station…..then go do 10 x Merkins. The stations set up for today were:

1) Shoulder Press x 10 @ 25 lbs. dumbells….followed by 10 x Merkins

2) Jerry Can Shuffle @ 35-50 lbs each, across the parking lot.

3) Full range motion Brick Flies- Taped tandem bricks for tandem fun…followed by 10 x Merkins

4) Tricep Extension with choice of 39lbs or 35 lbs Kettlebell x 10 reps….followed by 10 x Merkins

5) Brick Curlz- 35 lb dumbells or tandem untapped bricks……not for little hands….followed by you guessed it, 10 x Merkins.

6) Jerry Can Shuffle Part II…..We love our Jerry Cans!

7) Granite Boulder Squats (~35-45 lbs?) x 10 reps….followed by 10 x Merkins

8) American Medicine Ball/Cinder Block Hammer x 10 reps…….followed by 10 x Merkins

9) Inverted Row with PAX choice of Dual 35 lbs or Dual 20 lbs Kettle Bell……followed by 10 x Merkins

10) Brickhouse-Bear Crawl. Bear crawl 30-50 yards with bricks and run back…..followed by 10 x Merkins.


Welcome to our FNG Sinba-you lucked out, no dirt on you to get a juicy F3 name. Too bad your sponsor Sweater Vest was not present to help in the naming. Welcome to the PAX.

COT: Thanks everyone for coming out to my B-day Q. Prayers go out to those suffering with personal, family, and chemical dependency issues. We ask that He give us guidance, wisdom and diligence to do good work in His name. Amen.



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