Silver Fox – 23 September

23 September 2017

No. Pax 12

QIC: Minecraft

Pax:  McGyver, Heisenburg, Niles, Overbite, EPO, The Erector, LETC, Foxtrot, Beretta, Red Card (FNG Hunter, Beretta’s son), Ball Bearing

12 Pax posted in the gloomy dawn of a September day.  Welcome to FNG Hunter (Beretta’s son).  Strong work by all.  The second F in F3 is Fellowship, which is described as the glue that holds the Pax together.  The bonds of friendship are formed and strengthened as we share the sweat and pain of a workout.  Today’s workout the Pax was  divided into smaller teams to go thru the workout with.

Warm -up – side straddle hop x 20 IC, imperial walker x 20 IC, windmill (with varying cadence) x 20 IC.  Count off by fives to make smaller teams.  Each team will be exercising together throughout the workout.

Thang No. 1 – The Walls of Jericho (from the Exercise web page of the F3 website).  Seven exercises, seven reps each and the mosey around the school building.  Rinse and repeat seven times.  The seven exercise were: squats, merkins, shoulder press, WW II situps, Freddie Mercury, LBC and Carolina Dry Docks.

Thang No. 2 – Circuit – exercise for 30 seconds and 30 second rest.  Exercises were V-ups, plank jacks, mountain climbers, seal claps, heals to heaven, and american hammer.   Mosey to tree line and back to AO.

Mary – no time for Mary.

Moleskin:  A lot of the exercises required being on our six on the ground.  The grass was soaked with dew so we got soaked too.  This made the workout almost feel like a Baywatch workout … almost.  There weren’t any waves of course.

Announcements:  Brolympics is October 7 – sign-up, it will be a lot of fun.

Prayers:  Thanks for the ability to workout and for the Pax who Posted today.  For the recovery of those who were impacted by the recent hurricanes and earthquakes.  For strength of our marriages.  That we recognize our Lord in everyone we meet today.

Thank for the opportunity to lead.




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