Lucky 7

7 Pax said, “Screw you Wreckit Ralph, we don’t care about your silly birthday Q. We are going to Stingray to get a real workout.” Well, that’s not quite true. I think Ogden Park is a lot closer to home than HMP, so here we are. BTW, Happy Birthday big guy!

Q: Dino

Pax: EOM, Snail Mail, Knuckle Puck, Coffee Bean, Tuner, Ball Bearing


10 burpees OYO

Lunge walk twist to sidewalk.

Tempo run around the park (fast for 2 minutes, regular pace 1 minute, rinse repeat). Stopped for a little Mary while we waited for the 6.

Continue tempo run to the baseball fields. Partner Up for Dora 1-2-3. Partner 1: run to right field, back to home plate, run to center field, back to home plate, run to left field, back to home plate to switch with partner. Partner 2: starts doing the exercises, which were; 100 diamond merkins, 200 Imp Walkers, 300 Sumo Squats.

Various sprints on the way home. COT.


-Tight group this morning. Seven is a great number. I was just glad I wasn’t working out alone this morning with the birthday party taking place at HMP.

-EOM was crushing the sprints as usual.

-Coffee Bean pushed through those Sumo Squats as if he was a real Japanese wrestler.

-Snail mail and Tuner were silent, but deadly out there. Pushing hard.

-Knuckle Puck had no quit in him this morning. Great to have another Catholic school dad out in the gloom to keep all the hooligans in line.

-Ball Bearing verbally resisting the running, but physically knocking the pins down this morning. Way to push yourself.

Always a pleasure and privilege to lead the men of F3.

‘Til next time,





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